Aug 29, 2014

Death While Homeless: Jackie, 9/16/91 – 8/8/14



Death on the streets is never certain. An absence, even after leaving in an ambulance, even after leaving in an ambulance in a coma, even after leaving in an ambulance in a coma after shooting up a damn good bag, has other explanations.


Gone to visit her parents, well not her birth…

Aug 22, 2014

i’m letting you know
that there ain’t no gun they make
that can kill my soul
oh no

Aug 20, 2014


A new Pew Research Center analysis of media coverage of the event and subsequent protests finds that the story emerged on Twitter before cable, but the trajectory of attention quickly rose in tandem, peaking on both mediums the day after two journalists were arrested and protests turned more violent.

Also of note:

  • MSNBC devoted far more time to the story than its top competitors Fox News and CNN
  • The Twitter conversation about Ferguson popped much more quickly than the conversation about Trayvon Martin

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Aug 20, 2014



Protesters upset about the smearing of Mike Brown converged at CNN headquarters.

“When it started raining and lightning and the crowd didn’t disperse, my energy level shot up,” said Kwame Thompson, an attorney in Atlanta and St. Louis. “It was a peaceful demonstration that was against police brutality and in support of Mike Brown and his family.”

This feels unprecedented. 

Aug 20, 2014



Love “Da Man Wit the Chips” but Jameila White is the new “Protest MVP.” #staywoke #trill 

Jameila White! Remember her name!

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Aug 20, 2014




This. Literally the first thing you learn when you begin to handle a gun is to only point the gun at something you are willing to shoot.


can we stop now? is this enough??

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Aug 19, 2014


Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

No justice, no peace.

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Aug 16, 2014


Sculptures by Jim Skull

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Jim F. Faure, known as Jim Skull, is the creator of these amazing sculptures. If the photos are impressive, imagine seeing them in person. The human skull is full of symbolism. The most common association that comes to mind when we see a skull, is death. But when I look at Jim’s sculptures, I see the skull as the home that contains and protects our thoughts and ideas, which live in the brain.

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Aug 15, 2014


Heavily armed police fired teargas and rubber bullets to force hundreds of protesters out of the centre of Ferguson, Missouri, on the fourth night of protests over the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. 

Demonstrators, who for hours had sniper rifles trained on them while they protested with their hands up as an emblem of peaceful protest, complained that they were subjected to military-style tactics as they fled through gas-filled residential side-streets. 

Read the latest report from Ferguson 

soooo racism is over, right?

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Aug 7, 2014


Work by Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) 

1. Unknown, unknown
2. Operation Wednesday, 1969
3. The Inn of the Dawn Horse, 1937-8
4. Green Tea, 1942
5. Around Wall Street or Portrait of Pablo in NY, 1973
6. Tower of Nagas, 1991
7. The House Opposite, 1946
8. The Giantess (The Protector of the Egg), 1917
9. Bird Pong, 1949
10. Les Distractions de Dagobert, 1945

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